Caitlyn (Kempsey High School), Latarnie (Melville High School) and Byron (Kempsey High School) with their artworks

The Dunghutti-Ngaku Aboriginal Gallery (DNAAG) recently hosted an exhibition opening to coincide with the unveiling of a student designed banner.

Aboriginal students from the 5 high schools in the Macleay Valley have been actively engaged with a project to create a large display banner for the gallery. Four finalists were selected, and they completed the banner with the assistance of Dunghutti artists Uncle Leo Wright and Rachel Cross at 2 full day workshops.

The successful students were Caitlyn Senescall (Kempsey High School), Latarnie Kennedy (Melville High School), Byron Quinlin (Kempsey High School) and Leitia Toomey (Kempsey Adventist School)

The Gallery Coordinator, Alan Guihot, praised the students for their talent and their commitment to the project:

The completed banner

“It was a pleasure to work with the young artists. Their designs were of a very high standard. We see them in the future developing into successful practising artists.  We look forward to exhibiting their work.”

Alan also praised the efforts of Gallery Assistant Christine Vonk: “Chris was the driving force behind this project. We are very grateful for her efforts. It couldn’t have happened without her.”

The student works will be on display in the gallery for the next 2 weeks. Gallery hours are 10.00AM-4.00PM 7 days a week. The gallery also has a wonderful display of work by talented local Aboriginal artists – all of which is available for purchase. A wide range of merchandise is also available to help to fill your Christmas stockings. 

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