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Alison Williams

Alison is a proud Gumbaynggirr woman born in Sydney in 1968.

Alison is a spokesperson for cultural heritage of Australian Indigenous persons and has been involved in the education and communication of culture including dance, sculpture and painting as well as community leadership involvement.

“I love art of all forms and mediums and I love how effectively it communicates.  I am inspired by my identity, heritage and people.  I tell my story and the story of my dreaming as taught to me by my Elders.  I am also inspired by various states of ignorance: whether its in politics, environmental or social issues.  I love how art can slap you in the face or evoke strong emotional responses.

Alison’s painting “Biiway” is in the gallery’s permanent collection.

Artist’s Work

Here is a selection of this artist’s work that has been exhibited at our gallery in the past or is currently on display: