Esther Quinlin (dec’d)

Esther Quinlin was born on the Macleay River, NSW and raised on a Government Reserve. She discovered her artistic talents in 1994 when she picked up a paintbrush for the first time.

Esther created a variety of Aboriginal art work. Each painting tells a story. She won a number of major art awards.

She lived and worked in different communities throughout Australia. Whilst living with desert people in Western Australia, she was given her skin name ‘Goongunu’. This has the same meaning as her own Thungutti tribal name ‘Murrunghan’, given to her by her mother. It means ‘good’ or ‘lovely’.

Her work is well represented at the Armidale Aboriginal Cultural Centre, where it is displayed along with her record of achievements.

She lived with her family at Bellbrook and taught pupils at Bellbrook School their native Thungutti language in story and song so that it is never forgotten.

Esthers’s artwork “Hunting and Gathering ” is held in the gallery’s permanent collection.