emus 50.5 x 50.5

Mabel Ritchie

Mabel Ritchie is a Dunghutti woman who was born in Newcastle.

Mabel’s family moved back to her father’s home land at Burnt Bridge when she was very young and she grew up there with her brothers and sisters.

As a young girl, Mabel loved to watch her aunties and uncles paint beautiful pictures.  Mabel enjoyed painting stories throughout her school years.

Since 2009 Mabel has been painting her own pictures, telling her stories about her life and her culture.

Mabel has exhibited widely and her works are held in private collections both in Australia and overseas. Her most recent solo exhibition – “dhipalyan” was held at DNAAG in November 2019.

Mabel’s painting “Gravelly Dog II” is in the gallery’s permanent collection.