Zalie Davison

“I am a very proud Dunghutti woman. I was born in Kempsey and have lived most of my life in the beautiful Macleay Valley. The beauty of the valley, its mountains, river, streams, creeks, beaches and people inspire me to paint. The valley is a constant in my life and I like to share its beauty with other people.

I have been drawing and painting for nearly my entire life. Both my father and grandfather were artists and also very proud Dunghutti men. I would watch them create their art from when I was very young. I am basically self-taught, apart from absorbing creativeness from my father and grandfather as well as some technical help and lots of support from a very talented and dear friend of mine.

I find painting and drawing very relaxing and I am constantly formulating new paintings and ideas in my head ready to put onto a canvas. I am able to create using a range of media including pencil, charcoal, watercolour, ink, acrylic and various forms of collage.

My subjects are many, wide and varied. I tend to do my Aboriginal paintings from a higher perspective looking down upon the land. I see the land and flora in a pixelated format and reflect that in the images on my canvases.

I have spent time in the Northern Territory, South Australia and The Central Desert region. During my time there I was lucky enough to be taught some painting techniques by some of the awesome artists in those areas. Qualities from some of these artists and their techniques are evident in my paintings.

My paintings grace homes and offices in Australia, Switzerland and Germany. Some of my paintings have been purchased by a gallery curator as an investment for one her clients.”

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Artist’s Work

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