Rachel Cross – Wattle Walk

The gallery has on display this beautiful new work by Dunghutti artist Rachel Cross.

Rachel says of her work:

This painting was inspired by my daughter Piper (11). I mentioned to Piper that I was looking for inspiration for my next painting. Piper on her walk home from school began to bring things that she thought might inspire me – wattles, flowers and even prickles.
The path – terracotta colour, there will always be set paths in life.
The dots coming from the path – terracotta colour, it’s okay to leave the path to find what inspires you and make your own journeys.
The leaves and yellow dots – the types of wattles, inspiration can be found anywhere, find what inspires you.
The oval prickles – symbolise that some journeys will have bumps along the way but remember the positive things that surround you.

Rachel has also created some smaller images based on her exploration of the different wattle varieties in her local area.

Rachel Cross – Springtime Wattle 1 and Springtime Wattle 2

This beautiful work has now been sold. We have other amazing works by Rachel in the gallery.

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