In recognition and celebration of International People with Disabilities Dunghutti Ngaku Aboriginal Art Gallery would like to present to the people of the Macleay WURRUYI DHILANG (Many Bushes) by Mabel Ritchie.

Mabel is a Dunghutti woman who was born in Newcastle in 1974.

Mabel’s family moved back to her father’s home land, Burnt Bridge when she was very young where she grew up with her brothers and sisters on the Burnt Bridge Mission. Mabel loved to watch her Aunties and Uncle’s painting stories about life experiences and culture as a young girl.   Mabel also enjoyed doing art at school.

Mabel has been part of Living Skills for many years and was introduced to art classes in 2009.  Since then she has been painting her own stories sharing memories of growing up on the Mission at Burnt Bridge.

Mabel has fond memories of the local flora of the area which has formed the basis of this Exhibition.  Some of the works relate to bush tucker and others are purely from pleasurable memories shared with her Mother and Grandmother.

Mabel is developing her own unique style using bold harmonious and contrasting colours developing background layers which she then applies floral representations onto as if they were growing insitu in natural surrounds.  She has an uninhibited freedom of brushstroke which creates an organic natural appearance.

Wurruyi Dhilang (Many Bushes) is a Delineate project, an initiative of Accessible Arts in partnership with the Don’tDISMyAbility Campaign sponsored by NSW Government, Department of Family & Community Services.

Invitation Mabel Ritchie

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